Yorkship School has made incredible strides in providing its students with tools of technology that will aid them in the learning process. Yorkship's two computer labs house 56 Dell units. Our computer teacher's lab is equipped with 28 flat screen Dells which run on Windows XP and up-to-date software.

Here are some other ways technology is being used around our building:

  • Every teacher uses Genesis Gradebook program,to record and manage grades on their homeroom computers.
  • Every teacher and para-professional submits weekly lesson plans using an internet-based program called On Course.
  • Attendance is recorded using an internet-based program called Genesis.
  • PowerPoint is used to grab our students' attention during lessons.

A new SmartBoard in the computer lab has added to the students' interest as they learn PowerPoint, Excel and Word. It also aids teachers and presenters as they lead professional development workshops.

Click here for the New Jersey Technology Standards.